What we do

Negative Equity Solutions

We can provide positive options to individuals suffering at the hands of extensive property debt. We specialise in providing strategies to help people who wish to resolve their issues with property debt.

Personal Guarantee Negotiations

We assist many clients who are being pursued as a result of having signed Personal Guarantees for Limited Company borrowings. We negotiate with any exposure in this form of debt, with a view to reaching amicable settlements on any Loan/Personal Guarantee, usually by way of a one-off payment.

Business Turnaround

Our expert team of Financial and Business advisors have helped and continue to help businesses restructure, deal with HMRC Issues, refinance and restructure debt. We can provide director representation, pre-insolvency advice and asset protection as appropriate.

Pre- Insolvency options

For some, formal insolvency routes are not the best option. We can help you through the insolvency process and help guide on best options available.

We can initially provide Pre-insolvency strategies including negotiations and full and final settlements. If need be, we provide the options for you and advise on the best way forward. There is no ‘one -size fits all’ approach so we work with you to focus on what is important to you.


Insolvency advice

If the formal Insolvency route is the best one for you then we can work with you to ensure you are given impartial advice on how to move forward. We specialise in the options, strategy and implementation of a formulated plan tailored to you.

Debt Advice

Regardless what your Debt issue is, we can provide impartial advice on how to move forward. We, as a company, specialise solely in this niche market.  No one is better experienced or equipped to provide you with honest, impartial advice. We are not Insolvency Practitioners – we work for our client and can provide tailored strategies, based on what is most important to you.

Why us?

Specialist Team

At Bell & Company, our professional staff include legal professionals, accountants and insolvency experts.  We have extensive expertise coupled with a highly specialised skill set which enables us to specialise solely in Insolvency- whatever form that takes.

Free Consultation

We have always and will always offer a completely free, no-obligation consultation. This is a thorough financial review and our staff will work hard to assess the different options available to you. We fully report all options, issues and solutions to you.

No conflict of interest

Our obligation is solely to our client and that is where our strength lies.  “No hidden agendas, no conflicts of interest; we provide impartial advice that is always in the best interests of the client.”

We value what is important to you

We always work towards what is important to you.We help our clients to navigate out of corporate and personal debt by steering them in the right direction with impartial and tailored advice.

We get results

We shall only welcome instruction on a case where we know we can achieve and work successfully with the Client/subject institution. It is for this reason that we have the highest success rate around.

Outside the box thinking

We pride ourselves on our ability to think out of the box. We can provide strategies and solutions that others would never consider.

Hi I’m Karen Isaac, Business Relationship Manager here at Bell & Company

I am the initial point of contact for all new inquiries. I can quickly assess your situation and give you some initial guidance over the phone or in person. Why not call me today on 02895 217 373 for a free consultation


‘ I had significant borrowings with a local lender who very gladly provided me with funds and advised me to purchase property. When the crash happened the Bank wanted their money back.  This wasn’t possible and started as what i can only describe as ‘torture for the next 6 years’, getting constant pressure from the Bank it was looking as though i was going to loose everything. Luckily I came in contact with Terry Bell from Bell and Company who, from day one gave me assurance and comfort that there was a way out and that it was OK. I instructed Terry to act for me and he was able to get negotiations going with the Bank to come to an arrangement that would be in the interest of both parties. Terry and his team have successfully negotiated a settlement with the Bank and i can now return to running my business. I cant thank Bell & Company enough for their dedication and commitment to seeing this difficult case through to a satisfactory conclusion’

Mr McA Co Down

Thanks a million James, hopefully I wont ever need your help again but if I ever do I will not hesitate to contact you or recommend you to anybody else in trouble. Could you please contact Rachel and tell everything is sorted.
Wish you and your father and the entire company all the best in the future.
Thanks again I will never forget what you done for me.


Mr O MCo Antrim

Dear Terry

I just wanted to give you my sincere thanks for the excellent work you did for Joe and myself with all our problems.

As usual you carried out the job with your sharp work like experience and brought the both of us back from the doldrums .

Once again many thanks and if there is anything I can ever do for you don’t hesitate to contact me.

Yours  sincerely


Mr T CCo. Antrim

Hello Helen,

Thank you for all your help understanding and patience with our trying project.

I realise it is what you do for a living but Terry and yourself have greatly helped our families to get through this mess and we very much appreciate what you have done and continue to do to resolve it.

Thanks again and all the best to you and Gerard with the baby.


Mr T MCo Fermanagh

I would like thank you for everything that you have accomplished for my wife and I over the last few months & your professional approach to this difficult situation- well done! We can now get our lives back on track & plan for the future.

H.H & LHCo Derry/Londonderry

“I have referred in excess of 30 of my clients to Bell and Co. The main point is they only charge an engagement fee and no hidden costs. The client knows what to expect from the start. They have been able to obtain excellent settlements.”


KGBCo Down

We wanted to sell our home but like so many others it was in negative equity. We contacted Bell and Company, who offered clear, precise and professional advice. After our first meeting, we made the decision to appoint Bell and company to act on our behalf. They took control of the situation and went into negotiations with our mortgage lender, providing us with regular updates. They successfully negotiated with our mortgage company to release us with minimal repayments, enabling us to sell our home and move on with our future. We found Bell and Company straight talking, pro-active and professional and I would recommend anyone in our position to contact them

R.McP.Co Armagh

“Leah, Karen and Ashley helped me to get my life back. I ended up in an unaffordable amount of debt after a relationship breakdown, I was stressed and losing sleep over the money I owed. The team at Bell and Co made what seemed like a daunting and scary thing (going Bankrupt) into a very easy and stress-free process with no judgement. I no longer lose sleep and worry about debt or my financial future. Now I am debt free and can even begin to save for the future. Going Bankrupt was the best thing I ever did, I just wish I had of spoken much sooner to the lovely staff at Bell and Company. I couldn’t thank Leah, Karen and Ashley enough for all of their help and guidance. I highly recommend Bell and Company”.

Mrs C R Co Antrim