iconBell & Company are a team of specially trained staff who specialise in pre and post Insolvency strategies. Our highly trained debt strategists work across a wide range of areas with specialisms in the area of Property-associated Debt. We help our clients to navigate out of corporate and personal debt by steering them in the right direction with impartial and tailored advice.

Why Choose Us?

There are lots of reasons why you should our debt strategists help you. Our track record and client satisfaction speaks for itself but here are just a few more reasons….

No conflict of interest
Our Obligation is always to our client and that is where our strength lies. Because we work solely for our client we can provide strategies some may not be able to. We pride ourselves on our ability to think outside the box.

Free Consultation
We have always and will always offer a completely free, no obligation consultation. This is a thorough financial review and our staff will put a lot of effort into assessing the different options available to you.

Once we do this and review your case- It is then completely up to your which way you decide to proceed.

Specialist Team
At Bell & Company our professional debt strategists include legal professionals, accountants and insolvency experts.  We have extensive expertise coupled with a highly specialised skill set.

We think & deliver

Our track record and client satisfaction speaks for itself but here are just a few more reasons….
We get results
We shall only welcome instruction on a case where we know we can achieve and work successfully with the Client/subject institution. It is for this reason that we have the highest success rate around.
Dedicated Case Manager

We take on all lender and third party communication on your behalf. Using a professional third party alleviates the pressure and stress on clients as they know their life is in the hands of trusted professionals with their best interests at the core of everything they do.

All Introductions recognised

We have a great network of professionals across Europe whom are all confident enough in our services they are willing to go out on a limb and refer their clients to us. We recognise all introductions.

Click here to learn more about our referral network. 

“As a Team, we strive to provide a first class, second to none service, achieving outstanding results thus leading both individuals & businesses to the realisation that there is always an option. We stand by you through good and bad times, with honesty, integrity and a sense of shared values”

Our Debt Stategists can help you in three simple steps
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