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Out with the old, in with the new!

Out with the old, in with the new!

From April 4th, we will be operating from our new Arthur Street offices!

We have had a successful and memorable 3 years in Rosemary Street, however, the time has come to move to somewhere bigger and better. The new location in will accommodate the growth of our company and partner businesses, providing a stronger local presence in Belfast and a more flexible and accessible venue for our clients.

Our new office, in Arthur House, was recently voted the #spaceoftheweek by Savills Ireland who state “Arthur House offers companies fully furnished, serviced Grade-A office space”. Arthur House is part of a brand promising to change the way modern businesses work in Belfast and the facilities in Arthur House, in particular in terms of IT are second to none.

In our 3 years in Rosemary Street, our company has developed new products and contacts. Our scope and range of work finds us now working across Europe and our sister company, EU Property Solutions has offices in Leeds & Spain, helping clients with problematic properties in 12 countries.

Since we started in 2010, we have worked with our clients, and to a fair extent Banks and other creditor organisations, to save clients in excess of £100+ million.

In 2017, we were awarded the winner of the ‘’Customer Service Excellence in Professional Business Services’’ at the prestigious Belfast Business Awards. We will continue to offer this same level of service in our new location.

This week, we were announced as a finalist in this year’s awards in the category “Best Company to Work For” which is an honour in itself.

Something else that will remain unaffected by our premises move will be our support for the NSPCC. Erin Weatherstone, Office Manager notes “Our collaboration with NSPCC Northern Ireland and all the work we have done with and for them has been amazing, especially our Casino Royale Gala Ball in March 2017 helping us to raise over £14,000 last year and this is a  partnership we will continue to support.”

This relocation comes as a result of the company’s phenomenal growth over the past few years, which has seen our workforce increase to now employing over 20 people. Amanda Bell, Director states that she has enjoyed “seeing how the team has developed and, many have had to take on more responsibility and embraced their new roles.”

In addition to this, we are pleased to be making way to the £400million redevelopment of the Rosemary Street area. Construction has already begun on the largest ever single redevelopment of Belfast city centre in the area known formerly as the Royal Exchange, with almost 6,000 permanent jobs set to be created by the proposed new state of the art business, retail and leisure space.

So if you are in the Arthur Street area, give us a call and nip in for a coffee and a chat and whilst our numbers are the same, we would ask that you change your records for our new address to:

Arthur House,

41 Arthur Street, Belfast, BT1 4GB

Don’t let your PRIDE get in the way of your FUTURE!

The word bankruptcy tends to fill most people with feelings of dread.

It’s hard to deny the fact that the word has typically negative connotations and is usually associated with financial chaos and the diminishing reputations of those associated with it. But don’t let your PRIDE get in the way of your FUTURE.

While people tend to only focus on the negative aspects of bankruptcy, there are positives that can come as a result of considering it as an option. In 2018, there are still individuals who feel that their reputation would suffer if they declare themselves bankrupt, however, we urge you to think about the positives.

Changing times

Bell & Company feel, however, since 2008 the stigma associated with the process has gradually lessened. Bankruptcy can have benefits and it is an excellent tool when armed with the best advice. Sometimes, if a person is saddled with excessive, unaffordable unsecured debt then Personal Bankruptcy can be the best route forward.

The negative connotations of Bankruptcy are a thing of the past, and although the Bankruptcy process may not be right for everyone – it can be a way to lift this burden from your shoulders. Bankruptcy essentially wipes the slate clean and allows you to move on with your life without the burden of crippling debt.

How we can help

As soon as you file for bankruptcy you can start taking steps to getting your finances back under control and improving your credit score. Without the ability to put a stop to the chaos that is credit gone awry, some people would never be able to get their finances under control again, but bankruptcy can enable that to happen.

However, before filing for bankruptcy, there are steps you must take. We work under the mantra of offering Professional Independent Insolvency Advice and many borrowers will be surprised how Bankruptcy can resolve debt issues. Our team supports clients every step of the way through Bankruptcy to reduce the stress, given this is an extremely emotional process. We see clients through preparations for filing, help with paperwork – at the Courts and liaising with bodies such as the Official Receiver or Trustees.

Try Bell & Company

We don’t sugar coat the ramifications of bankruptcy, but we do outline the positives. Don’t let your PRIDE get in the way of your FUTURE.

To understand how bankruptcy can be a positive way out, and help you get back on your feet, contact our team today on 02895217373 for a FREE impartial and no obligation consultation.


How loan sales and vulture funds could result in thousands of people losing their homes

A financial advisory company that specializes in dealing with personal and professional insolvency is warning how a state bank’s decision to sell off troublesome and underperforming loans could result in thousands of people losing their home.

Bell and Company are keen to alert homeowners in the North that are likely to be affected by Permanent TSB’s decision to put under-performing mortgages up for sale as part of Project Glas.

Terry Bell, Bell & Company Principle, said: “This decision by Permanent TSB is going to have lasting and damaging effects for those who own properties in certain regions. We are currently working with a number of clients that we know will be put out by this decision.

“The bank is 75% owned by the state and is planning on selling a loan book worth €4 billion to vulture funds. It’s important to recognize though that in some circumstances, not all of the customers who are going to be affected by this are underpaying or are guilty of not engaging with the bank and their financial responsibilities.”

“Often in these kinds of circumstances, customers who have engaged with their bank and have established financial arrangements are still classed as “non-performing”, despite their clear intentions of paying off their loans.”

“This sale will undoubtedly “stoke the fire”, of the many homeowners and investors who have been able to avail of extremely low tracker-rate mortgages, and the lender will definitely come under pressure from the new owner.”

“We are now urging anyone that is concerned about the implications of this proposal to get in touch with us today and allow one of our specialized financial advisors to help you find the best possible outcome for your problems. We are experts when it comes to providing strategies for people keen to overcome property debt.”

Those facing these property problems should also be aware that attempting to negotiate with vulture funds can be hazardous, especially when it comes to restructuring mortgages.

Terry continues: “With figures revealing that the amount of mortgages in arrears held by private investment funds has risen and home possession is also rising, perhaps it is time for politicians and parties to stand up against the damaging effects that vulture funds can have on ordinary families.”

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