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From all of us at Bell & Company we want to wish everyone who reads our posts a very Merry Christmas. This includes clients, prospective clients, introducers, and anyone who we work with in our Network.

2016 has been an excellent and successful year at Bell & Company. Across the board, we strive to assist borrowers in Northern Ireland with Negative Equity issues and Corporate Debt problems. Our settlements continue to be life changing and we will certainly be continuing our efforts in 2017 with numerous cases to be thoroughly worked and bought to a successful conclusion.

The last year will be remembered as a slightly “crazy” 12 months. Very few would have predicated Brexit or Donald Trump coming to power in the US this time last year. Not forgetting Leicester City winning the Premier League either! One thing that we still see is 8 years on from the property market crash and economic downturn we continue to be contacted by those suffering financial difficulty.

The office is closing from this Friday 23rd December 2016 and reopening Tuesday 3rd January 2017. Nonetheless, anything urgent please call 07748632655 or email [email protected] and we will come back to you as quickly as we can.

Once again, Merry Christmas.

Foreign Property Issues

Foreign Property Issues: Can Bell & Company Help?

Pre-2008 many UK and Irish citizens invested in property throughout Europe. Back then property prices where only going one way, showing a rapid upward trend. However, as we are all aware property prices across Europe have plummeted since 2008.

Bell & Company where approached a few years ago, by existing clients who had property debt in Spain. Given our successful record in solving their difficulties closer to home we undertook the case and are happy to say it was a success saving the client over a hundred thousand Euros.

From this case, we opted to develop a separate business unit and proudly introduce EU Property Solutions who over the last couple of years have been assisting clients across Europe.

EU Property Solutions country of expertise is Spain and we have opened an office base in the Costa Del Sol. From our Spanish activities, we have successfully assisted people with distressed property on Costa Del Sol, Costa Blanca and Mallorca. Our Spanish team assist investors with property problems in Spain as well as foreign property tax and community fee issues.

In Spain we have developed an array of knowledge and the local nuances and how each lender works. As a result, we have saved clients huge sums on mortgage shortfall debt.

Spain isn’t our only area of operation and we have settled cases in Cyprus, Portugal, Bulgaria and Canada.

Have a look at EU Property Solutions website to review our services.

You can call Bell & Company any time on 02895 217373 to discuss any debt issue across Europe.

Property secured & savings achieved of £380,000

Property secured through third party who worked with our client

-Property secured for clients of ours, working in the Hospitality Industry, approached our offices, noticeably distressed at the pressure they were experiencing regarding their debt situation

-They owed c£700,000 to a primary, local lending institution and security was held over their business premises and several other investment properties of great importance to them in terms of generating income

-Upon instruction, we engaged in immediate negotiations with the relevant lender.

-Within a relatively short time frame, we negotiated the consensual sale of all relevant properties to a third party who agreed to work with our Client for c£300,000

-We then settled the shortfall of c£400,000 with a minimal sum of £20,000 thus achieving savings of £380,000

How Do I Negotiate With Creditors?

How do I negotiate with Creditors?  

In summary, no creditor/debt collection agency is the same and they often have different processes and protocols along with various criteria that must be met. One thing we do advise is being proactive and liaising amicably with your creditors. This will bring about the best result.

However, the above is easier said than done. Debt is incredibly emotional and debtors often cannot contain their emotion and this can lead to aggression in their approach which will be frowned upon by the lender. Furthermore, when liaising directly with a lender they will find it difficult to fully empathise with your circumstances. It would be a case of you presenting information and the creditor perhaps taking the view of – “well you would say that!”

Successful methods of negotiation

Bell & Company believe that appointing an intermediary can greatly increase the chance of success in debt negotiations. Having an intermediary can remove the emotion from the situation. We liaise amicably with creditors whilst still fighting your corner. Ensuring both parties are satisfied with the outcome.

Bell & Company have no conflict of interest and we achieve the best possible settlement for out clients. Furthermore, representations we make to your lender are both tailored to your circumstances and the lenders requirements. We know what the lender is looking for and make sure it is clear to them.

Combining the above, we can reduce the timeframe and stress associated with debt negotiations. Whilst increasing the likelihood of success. Even if you choose not to appoint Bell & Company.we urge borrowers to be proactive in contacting their lender and be honest as to your circumstances – many lenders have policies in place to help those in financial difficulty.

Who we are

Bell & Company are expert Debt Strategists and achieve successful negotiations with a variety of lending institutions. We specialise in assisting borrowers with problematic Mortgage and Corporate Debt issues. We operate across Northern Ireland from our Belfast Head Office.

If you or anyone you know is suffering stress from financial problems, then please contact our team today on 02895 217373. We always offer a free initial consultation and would happily welcome you.

Alternatively, You can read our brochure to read more about our services. 

My Profession Doesn’t Allow Me To Go Through Bankrupcty: Options Available

If your profession doesn’t allow you to go through Bankruptcy there are other options available!

Bell & Company can assist clients through Personal Bankruptcy proceedings.  There are so many incorrect misconceptions surrounding the process of Personal Bankruptcy and one we hear regularly is that my profession will not allow me to go Bankrupt. More often than not most professions will not be effected if you declare yourself Bankrupt but some are If your profession doesn’t allow you to go through Bankruptcy there are other options available.

It is essential that you perform your due diligence and a simple telephone call to a HR department, Union or an open discussion with your employer can quickly determine your position should you opt for Personal Bankruptcy.

We have assisted clients through Bankruptcy from a variety of professions, for example:

Other common queries we are asked by individuals considering Personal Bankruptcy include:

There is no common yes or no answer here, it depends. Every single case is different and every individual has different circumstances which need to be fully reviewed. Bankruptcy in Northern Ireland has much of the negative stigma attached removed since 2008. Genuinely it is an excellent tool for those with unsustainable debts to start over. We understand the stress of living with Bankruptcy is still great and our team empathise with you and work together to minimise the stress.

Sometimes Bankruptcy is not an option, determined by employment, or other factors and Bell & Company can assist in all debt negotiations. We are debt strategists and do this work day to day and are proud that we change lives daily.

If you want to discuss debt management, be it Personal or Business Debt, then please call our team today on 02895 217 373. We will give you all options surrounding Bankruptcy and the ramifications of any route you choose. All our initial consultations are free.

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